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We are a WatchDog Org, Protecting  Community and Neighborhood Natural Habitats from Unnecessary Removal & Destruction

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We are a brand new organization, led by an everyday concerned citizen, who cares about protecting the environmental assets of the community for us all and future generations to enjoy. We do this by simply making people aware of unreasonable and unjustified actions taken by local government and overreaching HOA's to remove and even destroy habitat, under the guise of improving quality of life.


Our Mission : To protect green assets, conserve established nature habitats, dig out wasteful inflationary budget practices and environmental negligence, and advocate for community leadership in innovation, hi-tech options, and cutting edge solutions for minimizing property damage, health risks, noise pollution, and wilderness destruction. We aim to encourage transparency, unity , and balanced collaboration between governing officials, citizens, and conservancies for the sustainability of health, aesthetics, and property values of our communities.

Community Engagement

Do you care about protecting your property values, green assets, conserving your neighborhood's environmental beauty and natural habitat for your personal health and enjoyment and for future generations? Do you want accountability when environmental disasters (like what happened to Lake Mission Viejo) affect your property values and recreational enjoyment?  Do you want transparency, unity, and balanced collaboration between HOA's, private citizens, government authorities, city officials, and conservancy groups on decisions that affect everyone? If so, please let  us know, so we can find the best way you can help us. Also let us know about what is happening in your community, that may be cause for concern, so we can help galvanize support where you live. 

Supporters Join Our Pack

Whether you help by volunteering your time, contacting local officials, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We accomplish our goals with greater unity, power, and joy with help from supporters like you. Please sign up and join our pack of 'Green Dogs' and become an engaged and informed advocate for the sustainable health and happiness of your community today! 

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